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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hard sell or friendly approach?

Some of you may have seen Mother Duck talking about the hard sell approach on our fb page 


So which route is best for business? Out in the real world you can approach each individual customer and judge whether you need to go softly softly or push the sale for all you are worth. In the virtual world it is harder to know your customer, indeed some may not want to know their customers as long as they are getting the sales. 

At Dizzy Ducks Creations we like to know who is buying from us, especially as we create some beautiful bespoke items; this doesn't mean that we don't want to know about our customers that don't buy our bespoke items. We love to see pix of our customers using our bags/jewellery or hear how well received one of our greeting cards has been. 

We regularly have a special sale on our fb page or indeed on our website but we don't feel the need to remind our customers every morning that these are happening. To a business analyst or even the bank manager this is probably not the best way to assure sales but it actually has assured return customers.

Every business is different, each approach has pros and cons - indeed Mother Duck isn't convinced there is only one way to go - after all it wouldn't do for us all to be the same. But one thing she has learnt over the years is that reducing your prices to get customers doesn't always work, people look at the really low price and wonder if there is something wrong with it. So we are back to the question do I price to sell so I sell lots of goods or do I price to true value and have fewer customers ... it's an eternal circle.

On our fb page Mother Duck can be found asking her fellow crafters and fans of our page all sorts of questions that help build a picture of who check out our page. Is it better to know a bit about the people you are dealing with rather than an anonymous crowd? Today, the question is what do you do when you are not crafting or caring for the family etc. It is amazing how many people don't actually have time to do anything but sleep. We all lead such busy lives, which leads to another question that was asked on our page the other day, maybe you have an answer? What would you do with a 25th hour in the day? Have a look and see what people said.

No matter how busy we are, we must remember that if we don't look after ourselves we will actually be too tired to help those around us, whether it be our families or in our 'proper' jobs. So Mother Duck wants to close by saying rest well, eat well and play well after all we shouldn't be living to work but working to live.

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Mother Duck

ps Our on-line shop is under maintenance at the moment but we can still be contacted via our website www.dizzy-ducks-creations.co.uk if you have a question or would like to order some goodies.

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