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Saturday, 19 February 2011

duckies of the world unite

Hello & welcome one & all to our new Blog; we have moved to this one because it is much easier for Mother Duck to do without having to ask for lots of help.

So what has been happening ... we have had all the excitement and confusion of the changes to the business page on facebook - not completely sure that we have it cracked yet but we are getting there. The amazing support that we have had from other businesses is certainly much appreciated. We have been astounded by the wide variety of products and services that have a face book business page BUT also at how many wonderful talented people there are making some stunning handmade items and selling via facebook. Mother Duck has treated herself over the last few weeks to some lovely items.

So what do we have in store for Dizzy Ducks Creations in the future? 

We have a multi-vendor sale on our facebook page on the 2nd March 2011 and we have a variety of craft fairs booked throughout 2011. April will see us return to the Wedding Fayres too; so we will be updating our portfolio of wedding stationery and other wedding goodies. We will be posting full details, including dates locations etc soon. Mother Duck hopes that this is the beginning of her return to making bespoke wedding stationery which is where Dizzy Ducks Creations began 5+ years ago.

Mother Duck is busy in the workshop creating all sorts of lovely (she thinks) goodies for the website/craft fairs and as soon as they are ready for sale she will let everyone know.

with lots of lovely fluffy hugs & quacks to you all
Mother Duck


  1. Congrats on the new Blog! Best of luck with all your lovely creations♥

  2. Hewwooo Mother Duck.. KJ loves ya x x Quack Quack x

  3. Hiya well done on the blog - ive taken a leaf out of your book and created a blog of my own, don't know how i will get on with it but we shall see lol

    Good luck