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Friday, 25 February 2011

1000 sparkles, should I charge what its worth or what I think people will pay

Mother Duck has been revisiting her 1000 swarovski crystal necklace and has decided that she will make these to order. How exciting that email enquiries came within a short space of time after it was posted on our fb page. 

This particular necklace is great for any formal occasion ... adding a bit of glitz and glamour but it would also be wonderful for any bride, not forgetting of course that Mother Duck also makes bracelets & earrings.

This process has also made her consider whether as part of Dizzy Ducks return to the wedding fairs whether we should consider do our wedding jewellery too. It is many years since we have sold tiaras but nothing is impossible. Was it James Bond who said "never say never again" or has Mother Duck got her feathers in a twist with another film character?

So how do you price your treasured creations? Do you price it for a quick sale that under values your work or do your price it fairly and risk a barrage of people telling you charge too much and they could get it cheaper from Primark? So how do you do it? Here at Dizzy Ducks Creations we try to fairly price our products without under valuing them - this is roughly (really roughly) how we do it ... cost of materials, cost of utilities (unless you are working in a dark cave you will have used heat & light whilst making your creation) and your own time (at least minimum wage for your time); people would also suggest you add a little for your profit margin - some say this should be 5% some say 10%  BUT all in all you have to charge what you are most comfortable with. Don't under estimate your worth or the value or your work. People will pay for good quality, handmade items.

If you love your work and put love into your work it will show.

Whether it is 1000 sparkles, a hand knitted baby blanket or a set of lavender hearts for the wardrobe make sure you make it to the best of your ability and look at it with a critical eye ... if the quality is good enough that you would buy it from store/craft fair/etsy or folksy then it is good enough to sell. 

Enjoy your crafts and have fun in all that you do.
love & fluffy quacks
Mother Duck


  1. I think you are right to charge what your charging for this. You can tell a lot of effort and love goes into these kind of pieces and if people want to get something of primark value then they know where to go. This is quite expensive but it is without a doubt worth it. Just look at it !! It's stunning x

  2. thank you Kelley ... you are right it is a considered purchase piece for the majority of people. I try to put love into all of my work but this is one I am quite proud of too.
    love & quacks
    Mother Duck

  3. I think you should charge what is is worth! Don't under value it or people will mentally put it in the bracket with 'cheap' items which it clearly is not, don't undervalue it!

    The type of places you would wear it to are places you would make a considered purchase for :)

    How do I value my creations? Ummmm as a rule I don't work out a wage as I'm mostly still a full time Mum to my 2year old and I make for people because I like doing it in my evenings and naptimes so in terms of the utilities I'd be at home at these times using them anyway so I tend to take the cost of my supplies and postage and think hmmm what is a reasonable price to ask for this item? and that's how I work it, Wedding items I make tend to be my most expensive as they require so much of my time for the scale of them and to get the extra special touch to them costs me more

  4. You have to find the happy medium of what people can afford to pay and what it is worth
    I feel the love in this necklace every time I wear it It is special and yes a considered purchase but I have it for ever AND it will never be unfashionable
    I love and appreciate Mother Ducks work
    and will gladly pay what she considers to be a fair price I wore this at Christmas Eve Mass which is conducted in candlelight and I felt SPECIAL So carry on making Mother Duck and charge what you feel is a fair price
    Oh and by the way Quality is NEVER unfashionalbe