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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Technophobe drowning in technology or a rant on technology

eeeeekkkkk isn't technology supposed to be getting easier? Mother Duck can do the basics but anything else scares her witless. So what to do ... find a free course that will teach the basics with a little bit extra that we can already do or push the boat out and spend money & lots of time on the complicated in-depth courses?

Most digital cameras come with some sort of photo editing programmes but why are they written/designed for computer whizz kids? Whatever happened to simple language instructions?

Mother Duck cannot be alone in feeling sidelined by technology ~ Face Book, E Bay, Folksy, Etsy all of these possible sale points often throw a curve ball for a technophobe; uploading photographs is just the beginning. People throw around technospeak all day and if you don't fully understand it they are often reluctant to slow down and explain something more than once in more simple terms; even mobile phones are complicated these days!

Don't get us wrong we are not against the move forward but we yearn for simplicity ~ so are there classes out there for people like Mother Duck? That have some knowledge but are too confused to gain any more? After all she doesn't want to design a website (although it would be nice) she doesn't want to run a huge international trading organisation reliant entirely on technology to create mega millions (ok so we would like to earn more) but this mad old duck would like to get through a day of business without pulling her feathers in frustration over one technical issue or another.

So what is the answer? At the moment it is relying on a Dizzy Duckling to get out of computer dramas; if the magic answer drops into the nest Mother Duck will be sure to let you all know.

love & fluffy quacks
Mother Duck

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