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Sunday, 28 July 2013

I am my own worst customer for bespoke items!

How hard can it be?
After all I do it all the time, for customers
I am trying to create a bag for myself.
Seriously how hard can it be?

I sort of know how big it needs to be and I sort of know how many pockets it needs.
I sort of know just how long the handles should be too.
But I cannot translate that into a sketch, and I don't think I will ever get to the real design stage where I can draw a pattern for my bag.

When I talk to my customers about how they want their bags to look it all seems so much easier; they know sort of what size it needs to be and by talking to them I somehow manage to help them settle on the exact size and shape. So why is that so hard for ME to decide?

When I talk to my customers about what they need to put in their bags we manage to decide on the number of pockets, inside and out. So why is that so hard for ME to decide?

When I talk to my customers they know whether they want zips, magnetic catches, a flap over the top of the bag AND how long they want the handles. So why is that so hard for ME to decide?

The subject of fabric is always the one that causes the biggest problem ... because of course that is what decides what the bag will ultimately look like. The choice isn't as simple as patterned or plain fabrics; the type of fabric really helps decide on the finished structure of the bag, a simple cotton will not have as much structure as canvas for example (although a cotton fabric can be given structure if needed!) I haven't even thought about what fabrics I want to use!

I seriously thought making a bag for myself would be easy, after all I do it for other people but I am totally scuppered. I know that it needs to be large enough to carry all my kit and caboodle and a I prefer longer straps BUT that does not make a bag!

What do you like about your favourite use every day bag?
Do you carry things that need special sized pockets?
Do you like pockets to be on the inside or the outside?
What about zips - love them or hate them?

Tell me about your favourite bag and what makes it your favourite. I need all the help I can get to help me channel my mind into making a bag for me.

I think I might even be tempted into giving away a bag once I have made my own!
So keep watching the Blog (I know I don't write it as often as I should) and you will see my new bag created and I will announce a chance for you too win a new bag - the give away won't be one of my bespoke bags but the winner might have some say in the colours etc (I haven't decided yet)

So please help me create my perfect everyday bag by telling me about yours.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Not on the naughty step - just a time out.

If you follow Dizzy Ducks over on Facebook you will know that I frequently remind everyone that they should take some "me time" - I don't mean a spa break or desert island holiday (although both do sound rather blissful and divine). I mean just a 10 minute break from whatever you are doing to allow you to recoup your energy or flagging spirits.

I am as guilty as the next person for not taking breaks when I am up against a deadline or so into a project I just forget to stop. I have on occasion even forgotten to eat or stop for a drink!

No matter what you do find time in your day for some me time ... a 10 minute break in whatever you are doing (more than one a day would be better) or at the very least a lunch break. If you can, I suggest you leave your work area, a short walk maybe? Take a 10 minute break, a cuppa, lunch, a stroll, a walk round the garden ... ten minutes is often all you need to recoup flagging spirits, especially if you manage to eat or drink in the process.

So take a time out ... and not on the naughty step (unless you think you should) look after yourself, especially if you are working for yourself - I have heard the excuse "but I am a sole trader, if I don't keep going things just don't happen" - I say to those people remember that me, myself and I all become exhausted at the same time when working on your own. If you look after yourself you are making sure you are fit to look after your business.