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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Where did the summer go? As we move into autumn we reflect on what we have been doing since out last Blog.

The workshop, affectionately known as “The Duck pond”, has had its refurbishment. Lots of lovely new shelving and a new hand built computer desk. We have so many plastic boxes – everything has been given a lovely new box so it will all fit beautifully on the shelves; we cleared the two closest Staples stores of a particular size of box. I wonder what they thought we were doing.  But the workshop is finally coming together, although there is still an awful lot that needs to find a tidy home! Mother Duck thinks we may need an extra little ‘shed’ so that we can have a fabric stash storage area – lots of yummy fabrics in storage boxes and on rolls, there is so much of it all! 
The workshop is also now in the 21st Century as we now have an internet connection; not sure if that is a good or bad thing as the easy ability to get on to the web could easily be a distraction.

This is part of the fabric stash, for the time being in the corner of the workshop; sat beautifully next to the hand built computer desk.

Did you know that you can buy from Dizzy Ducks Creation 24/7 via our website? http://www.dizzy-ducks-creations.co.uk/
We also have an open order book; if you see something on the website either for sale or in the galleries or in our fb photo albums, contact us and see whether we can make something similar for you. We also love making bespoke items, designing something just for you.  If you don’t ask you never know whether we can make something for you unless you ask.

Since our last Blog we have added a tab for Wedding Stationery to the website and we are actively attending Wedding Fairs. We are planning to make a full collection of our Swarovski crystal wedding jewellery, we have a volunteer who is willing to don her wedding dress and model for us and a local wedding photographer will take some professional pictures for us. We will let you know when it is happening.

We also have several Craft Fairs in the run up to Christmas – eeekkkkk we have mentioned the dreaded C word! There are 108 days until Christmas (today is 7th September) and it is NEVER too early to shop for Christmas!

We are frantically planning, albeit a bit late, our Autumn/Winter collection it will include jewellery, bags and gift items. If you have any ideas or particular wishes please contact us, we have a contact tab on our facebook page and on the website, so let us know and we can try to include them too.

love & fluffy quacks

Mother Duck