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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Beading Challenge Shelved

Many thanks to those that expressed an interest in the beading challenge, sadly there has not been enough interest to warrant the expense of creating the challenge boxes, sending them out, dealing with the admin involved.
fluffy love & hugs
Mother Duck

Friday, 19 April 2013

I had some of those but I didn't do that with them

How many times have you heard people say "oh I had some of those but I didn't do that with them" especially amongst creative people. Give a group of people each a box of exactly the same materials and it is almost a certainty that they will all create something different.

Mother Duck has been thinking about this for some time and although the request for interest in such a project wasn't well received on Facebook I think I would like to give it a try ... what do you think? I want to create 10 identical boxes of beads, findings and random objects to give to 10 random people. There is a catch attached to this gift (well, you have all heard the saying "no such thing as a free lunch") If we do not get enough interest the challenge will be shelved for a future date.

*The recipients will be randomly selected.
*The recipients will agree to writing a short blurb on their final design, for publication on our Blog.
*The recipients will agree to taking photos of their final design for publication on our Blog.
*The recipients will agree for said blurb and photos being used on our website and Facebook page.
*The recipients will agree to abide by all and any terms and conditions in place in the pursuance of fairness
*The recipients will agree to the time scale set by Mother Duck and Dizzy Ducks Creations.
All final terms and conditions to be confirmed.

The opportunity to write a guest Blog here to help you promote your small business

Mother Duck will publish the pictures of all creations received by the deadline here on our Blog and people will be asked to vote for their favourite. In the event of a tie Mother Duck will remove all other pictures and there will be a second round of voting. In the event of a second tie Mother Duck will have the casting vote, explaining why she makes her choice.

So that is it all in a nutshell ... what do you think?
Would you like to be one of the 10?
If you think you might like to participate please comment below ... once we know there is sufficient interest then we will ask you to email us with your contact details so we can notify the selected 10 and mail out the boxes and rules!

Fluffy love & hugs
Mother Duck
PS at the moment we have not declared this a challenge just for those in the UK overseas participants will have to pay postal costs that will guarantee delivery with enough time to complete the challenge in the time scale.