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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Inspiration sweet inspiration

The title of this Blog has been 'borrowed' from one of our fb followers - it was his response to a post where Mother Duck asked people what one craft wish they would ask for from their fairy Godmother. If you want to see what else people would ask for or tell us what you would ask for check out our fb page.


So where do you draw your inspiration from? Mother Duck is building quite a library of books on techniques, different skills and textiles to name but a few; BUT she sees inspiration in everyday objects or those little oddities  that we stumble upon in life. Her most frustrating being a stunning antique chair with an amazing buttoned back, she can see in her mind's eye a beautiful buttoned detail bag but hasn't found the right fabrics or buttons yet! She has sketches and is ready to translate those into a paper pattern but doesn't want to jinx the project by doing all of that before she has the fabric. Do you have one of those 'just out of reach' projects? Mother Duck has a sketch book/journal full of inspirational ideas waiting quietly to be rediscovered ... she also has fabric remnants that are waiting for a project to catch up with them and a peculiar collection of goodies that she just knows will become a Dizzy Ducks Creation item. 

So what is your 'just out of reach' project ... why is it out of reach? Some of Mother Duck's out of reach projects are just that because she cannot afford the materials to create them.

"Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks."
Author Unknown

May you find inspiration to fire your imagination and strive to reach the pinnacle of your achievements.

fluffy love & quacks
Mother Duck

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