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Friday, 11 March 2011

Do I really need it, should I buy it ... are you sure you don't already have one?

As a crafter I will often see a new template, rubber stamp, stamp pad, pattern, fat quarters etc. that I just know will enhance my work in the workshop BUT do I need it? Dizzy Ducks are in the process of planning a full stock take and re-organisation of the workshop and Mother Duck is wondering just what we will find!

Mother Duck is aware of a couple of duplications on CD ROMs and at least one book that has an identical twin on the shelf. So how does it happen?! Truth of the matter is lack of organisation ... no catalogue of books & CD ROMs or even templates and they seem to be all over the workshop ... it just depends when I last used them and where I was when I was working with them. There are many stacks in the workshops that need sorting ~ all of the fabric is stored in boxes, the card & paper are in racks, all of the glass working materials are in just one area but everything else seems to be part of a free-for-all!!

So the time has come to sort it all out, especially if Mother Duck is going to have a Dizzy Duckling working with her! The sheer thought of doing this scares this old duck witless but it has to be done.

Having said all of that Mother Duck has this morning ordered a lovely template that will create a great base for a wedding or special occasion invitation *sigh* oh well it won't take up much space ... honestly it will go in a file with the other templates ~ when I find it!!

So how is your craft space? Is it organised chaos like Mother Duck's workshop or is it beautifully neat and  tidy - everything in its place and a place for everything ~ *Mother Duck drifts off into a dream of a beautifully organised workshop but wakes to the semi-organised space that she works in!*

In these frugal days we should all buy less, recycle more etc etc but any crafter will cave in the minute they see the perfect yarn, material, paper, stamp, paint etc 

So the answer to the title of this Blog is probably no I don't need it BUT I really want it, no I shouldn't buy it but I know that once I use it in the project I have in mind I will make the money back that I am spending. It's a brand new design so I know I don't already have it.

No matter how you work, chaos or neat freak, if you are producing items that people love & buy, should we be worried ~ no definitely not!

Have fun in all you do,
love & quacks
Mother Duck 


  1. Mother Duck has just realised that The Senior Duck is gonna read this and know she has bought yet another template today ~ whoops!

  2. Hahaha, Mother Duck is in line for a quacking good telling off!! But I am the same, more crochet thread than anything but if there is a bargain it makes it way into my basket of its own accord I swear and patterns...I have more patterns than I could probably make in a lifetime but if its new....well need I say more?