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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Not on the naughty step - just a time out.

If you follow Dizzy Ducks over on Facebook you will know that I frequently remind everyone that they should take some "me time" - I don't mean a spa break or desert island holiday (although both do sound rather blissful and divine). I mean just a 10 minute break from whatever you are doing to allow you to recoup your energy or flagging spirits.

I am as guilty as the next person for not taking breaks when I am up against a deadline or so into a project I just forget to stop. I have on occasion even forgotten to eat or stop for a drink!

No matter what you do find time in your day for some me time ... a 10 minute break in whatever you are doing (more than one a day would be better) or at the very least a lunch break. If you can, I suggest you leave your work area, a short walk maybe? Take a 10 minute break, a cuppa, lunch, a stroll, a walk round the garden ... ten minutes is often all you need to recoup flagging spirits, especially if you manage to eat or drink in the process.

So take a time out ... and not on the naughty step (unless you think you should) look after yourself, especially if you are working for yourself - I have heard the excuse "but I am a sole trader, if I don't keep going things just don't happen" - I say to those people remember that me, myself and I all become exhausted at the same time when working on your own. If you look after yourself you are making sure you are fit to look after your business.


  1. Agreed - we all need some ME time !!!!

  2. Couldn't agree more.....we are all good at giving advice but rubbish at taking it, especially if its our own advice eh?
    Love the pic of you eating cake...'tis good for the soul! x

  3. I wholeheartedly agree, it is important to take a break, in fact its essential, I know when I am 'creating' I have to take a break between each piece to replenish the creative juices, as it were!
    I too love the 'cakey' pic! xxx

  4. Me time is so essential. You get nothing done at all if you become too tired/stressed/ill to work to the best of your ability. Taking a break can save you time in the long run xxx