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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Branding ... Dizzy Ducks in a nutshell?

I was reminded today how important it is to be able to explain to people you meet or on your website or other social media exactly what your business is … what you do.
I was told that I should be able explain my company ethos and what I do in the shortest way possible; especially as my Company name doesn’t tell people what I do. I have been to seminars where we have been asked to describe what we do in one sentence, an exercise I have yet to succeed at. So how do I do it, explain Dizzy Ducks Creations and Mother Duck, to anyone that doesn’t know me or the company?

The key words I need to use are – handcrafted, bespoke, one of a kind designs but none of those say what I do, I do all of those things and more besides, after all my page on Facebook has a gallery of things I have made, both old and new, but I don’t really sell from that page it is more of a community, a place of motivation, hints and tips etc. Those key words are not enough to explain the facets of Dizzy Ducks Creations … I think this challenge will be with me for some considerable time to come BUT I know I have to find a ‘strap line’ my one sentence and I have to be able to describe my company when asked.

This is what I wrote today when asked to explain and it doesn’t go anywhere near really describing me and what I do.
“On fb Dizzy Ducks is a community of people from all walks of life that share hopes, dreams and hints n tips. Our page is also a place for motivation when things are getting us down; it is also a place to go to see a gallery of our work old and new.
At craft fairs we sell a cornucopia of items ranging from greeting cards, bags, clocks, jewellery and so much more.
At Wedding fairs we display our wedding and special occasion stationery and favour boxes.
On the website you can purchase from all areas of Dizzy Ducks Creations including requesting a bespoke OOAK piece just for you”

How do I reduce all of that down to one sentence? How much of that information do people want or need to know and how important is the ‘do it in a sentence’ thing, would I be better off honing a great short paragraph? 

Branding can be a minefield, big companies employ people to do this sort of thing for them the cost of which I am pretty sure is out of the realms of a small business like mine. I selected the company name really without any thought of whether it explained what I did – it just fit me. I had the logo designed when we first started and upgraded it recently but again without thinking whether it explained what the company was about. 
So should I now be asking myself whether my choices have been right or good for the company? Should I continue the down the path I have chosen and find the words I need to add to the existing branding (Logo)?
How to put a cornucopia of handmade individually designed items and services into a nutshell?

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