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Friday, 6 January 2012

So we have waved goodbye to 2011

So 2011 has passed into the filing system of time.

We should look at 2012 as a new chapter in the book of life, each day is a lovely new blank page for some wondrous adventures. As Mother Duck has always said we can make some amazing memories from even the most mundane tasks. 

My biggest dilemma for any New Year is the new diary selection ... I am so particular about its configuration and all the little extras that I want too. Am I the only one that is so picky and therefore finds it so hard every year to find the perfect diary. This year I have the answer, I think, I have a filofax. I am like a little  girl in a sweetie store I didn't know there were so many different things I needed for my diary! LOL

So what adventures lie in store for 2012 for Dizzy Ducks Creations?
The first wonderful thing happening is the updating of our logo ... we are not getting rid of Dizzy, we just couldn't do that; our Logo was one of the first things that we purchased when we started the business and Dizzy is one of the ways our returning customers can locate us at craft fairs and wedding fairs. So no he isn't going anywhere he is getting a make-over ... not a how to look good naked kind of make over, heavens we couldn't ask Dizzy to ditch his feathers for anybody! We have trusted the lovely Claire at  https://www.facebook.com/DesignatNo.11 with his make over. She is also creating Mother Duck's new business cards, letter head and compliment slips. We are so excited! We have had a peep at our new Dizzy and he is soooooooooooooooo cute but we are not giving away any secrets. We are looking forward to his launch on the website, our fb page and hopefully some new banners for craft fairs and wedding fairs.

Mother Duck's next  Blog will also include a little competition ... I will be offering the chance for someone to win the lovely necklace in the picture above. But I have a problem with this ... the last time we did a similar competition we didn't really get a great response. So let me ask you, is having a competition on the Blog a good idea? The competition would probably be in the form of a question to be answered and the winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers.

So apart from wishing you all the most amazing adventures in your book of life for 2012 Mother Duck wants to send you all lots of fluffy love & hugs.


  1. New follower! :D
    I STILL haven't got my diary or calendar yet! I would definatly be up for a comp. And I have trouble with giveaways/competitions, just can't seem to get a lot of entries! xx

  2. All of the very best to Mother Duck and her Brood in 2012 ♥ & xx's

  3. Big healing hugs for a new year Mother Duck. I too would be up for your comp xxxx

  4. WOW ... I am so pleased that people actually read my Blog LOL
    one of the reasons I stopped writing it last year was I struggled to get anyone to read it.
    I wonder if I can get enough people interested in the competition to make it worth while?

  5. I soooooo know what you mean when it comes to a diary and have in the past succumbed to the temptation of the Filofax world. This year I have just got a slim diary and when I get a chance I am going to personalise it by making it crochet jacket, might use fine thread or suchlike. I know it is hard getting people to read your blog but I would keep posting (even when you think that no-one is reading) as it gets you out there (also please feel free to continue to post your link on my wall too..will add a link page to the website/blog when I figure how to do on there also) Defo up for a comp too, thanks for posting this MD, have fun with your Filofax and catch up soon, x

  6. OK so now I managed to find how to follow you, so now I'm a fully fledged follower!! xxxx

  7. thanks Tracey ... love that pix of you x

  8. Will be there with bells on! I did write a long piece but it got wiped upon sign in, and my nails are sore! lol. Huge love xxx